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Real Estate Staging

A Master Bedroom vignetteReal Estate Staging has become an exciting new trend in the market. The idea that a home will sell more quickly and at a higher price if it looks as desirable to the buyer as possible is nothing new. And in the current difficult market, I am ready to lend my expertise to the seller by offering this service.

Although quite divergent statistics are often quoted about the actual value of home staging, I can tell your from personal experience, my own home sold for 12% more than my neighbor's -- identical home, at the exact time-- because my home was so much more appealing to the groups of potential buyers walking through them.

Did you know that buyers spend and average of only four minutes in a home? I can help you maximize that time by making small rooms appear large and large rooms cozy. Together we can captivate the potential buyer and make your home memorable by emphasizing its flow with a subtle theme throughout your space. We will give the buyer something special to remember your house specifically among the many others that may be visited.

And the best part is we will do all of this with your existing furniture and accessories.

Decorate Your Space also offers Vacant Propery Services. A rule of thumb is this: one month's mortgage payment can create stunning vignettes that add outstanding appeal to the space.

Call today and book your Real Estate Staging Consultation, which consists of a two hour in-home visit and a written plan for only $200.00. Call me today at 703-901-9253 and consider it SOLD!


After selling in three weeks:
“I was so thrilled with everything that was done with the house.  It looked BEAUTIFUL.  I almost cried when I left.  Needless to say, thank you so much for your help.  I want to pay for my daughter to use your services.  Please send me the bill.  She was so proud as well to see my house and I want to put a smile on her face just like my house did for me.”

Mary, Middleton, North Carolina