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Mission Statement

Decorate Your Space creates inspired spaces that reflect unique needs, tastes and lifestyles by pledging up front affordable hourly rates and excellent customer service.
Consultations are followed by a full color Design Recap that clearly guides the design process.  


Fashion and Function

The Mission Statement above represents the fundamental core of Decorate Your Space. This design firm is unique among all the other decorators and designers in that no commissions are ever accepted.  This allows me to suggest ideas and products and even services to my clients that truly meet their needs, rather than those that pay the most.  Clients are reassured that my suggestions are based on what is best for them, and it is this principle that has contributed to the success of Decorate Your Space.

What is a typical initial consultation?  It must be stressed that every client is unique with specific wants and goals for the visit so no two consultations are exactly alike. First I will assess your needs and wants so that your home will reflect you in a unique and practical, aesthetically pleasing way.  Typically, we will walk through the space you are interested in working on, be it one room or the whole house, and talk about your style, what works for you and what you love.  We will also discuss what you want to change.  You are involved in the entire process. 

We often begin with color, as that can determine the direction of a home and because so many clients struggle with how to make their colors flow throughout their space.   We will look at your furniture placement and determine how it can better serve you.  Sometimes the rearrangement of accessories can have a big impact on the appeal of your home.

At this point we will discuss where you want to go.  Sometimes this will be enough.  More often, we create a plan for what may need to be purchased, if contractors are to be called, or if I will make a return visit.  Our next step is always determined by you.  You will never be asked to purchase anything as a condition of the visit, nor will I come in with the ulterior motive of selling you a pair of ornate drapery panels.  My job is to bring out the best of your space, not to earn a commission.  You are always in control of where, how or if you will spend money beyond that.  Most services are charged a competitive $100 an hour.

I finish your consultation by sending you a copy of the notes from the visit and a detailed full color plan of what you will want to do to Create a Sense of Place.

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“A belated thanks for your recap. I’ve been so busy with the house that I didn’t have a chance to check my email. So … drum roll …. I love the Antique Rose! You were quite right about it being a great color.  And actually, all of the colors are terrific!   And, at some point before too long, I’d love to have you over for more consulting. If you’re in the area and want to stop in and see your handiwork, you’d be welcome any time. Thanks again for your excellent suggestions. We’re off and running!”

Karen, Mount Vernon, Virginia