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Commercial ServicesA foyer with space to wait

Does your business environment reflect your business philosophy?

Do your customers "see" your branding in your physical space?

Are your employees motivated and proud of their work?

Are your products merchandized to enhance profit?

Wish you answered "yes" to the above? Commercial spaces are every bit as important as residential ones. Decorate Your Space can help you maximize your work setting by creating environments that WORK. Clients have been as diverse as a government executive office, a dentist, gift shops, clothing stores, an office lobby, a gym and even an Indian restaurant.

Decorate Your Space was featured in area newspapers.
Read the copy here.

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"Denise Smith's Decorate Your Space is amazing!  She has transformed my store from very ordinary to smashing!  We have also had a lot of fun putting everything together, hunting for just the right color, piece, fabric or drape to complete the look.  I highly recommend  
Denise, she is creative, decisive and has the ability to totally relate to the customer.

Thank you Denise, when a customer came into the store and said "You want us to feel special"  I knew everything was well worth it!"

Cathy, Occoquan, Virginia